3D Camera & Laser Engraving Machines

3D laser engraving machines developed by our advanced 3D laser engraving technology are able to engrave your image into 3D laser crystals. Our latest 3D laser engraving machines use diode pump and air cooling technologies to make 3D laser machines very fast, portable and reliable. Your image can be engraved into a 3D laser crystal through our 3D laser engraving machine that penetrate through the crystal and coordinate with the positions of tiny points depicting the image.

The operation of the 3D laser crystal engraving machine is controlled by the software using an optimized control algorithm to effectively create each portrait with great quality, which is perfect for business models set in shopping mall and traveling area. You can get all equipments, such as 3D laser crystal engraving machines, 3D camera, blank crystals and the way of how to setup/start your 3D laser crystal engraving business, also free setup and training service.

Z-L1    3D cameras

 3D Image Camera  Z-L1  $9,500.00
JPEG picture resolution 8 Mege-pixel
People captured 1 - 3 sit in one or two rows
3D reconstruction resolution 0.3 mm
Capturing time <0.5s
Exposure time 1/120s - 1/60s
Maximum vision field 32"(w)*22"(h)*14"(d)
Distance from 3D camera to object 59"
Environment light requirement any light intensity conditions, don't need additional lighting
Scalability Configured to capture face, chest, back and head
3D reconstructure angle scope From 0 to 180 degree at one view direction
Dimensions 16"(w)*5.5"(h)*8"(d)
Weight 7kg
Software OS Windows 2000, XP,Vista
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